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Proprietary CX Surveys

THE HOW’s & WHY’s.


GRM designs and fields customized Customer Experience surveys that take deeper dives into the Why’s & How’s of airport and aviation research. We help customers understand what drives critical KPI’s and test strategic solutions for driving scores and creating the highest ROI.

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Airport Interviewing

Each year, our firm completes roughly 92,000 in-person questionnaires and 38,000 in-person recruits inside 24 major and mid-level airport hubs. Fieldwork and data is assigned and grouped on a monthly and quarterly basis with staff fielding random, representative studies inside airport terminals at the departure gates. We also perform ad hoc research in the sphere of retail purchases, food and beverage offerings, advertising effectiveness, and other key touch points along the path to arrivals and departures.


ACI World Business Partner

GRM is an ACI World Business Partner, and has worked on ACI-sponsored research for 15 years. Our involvement includes fieldwork, management and quality assurance for Airport Service Quality (ASQ), a longitudinal benchmarking survey conducted year-round in airports nationwide. GRM serves as a clearing-house for ASQ research in the U.S. processing roughly 57,000 questionnaires annually.

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In Depth and Qualitative Research

GRM helps clients test new trends and product innovations, and understand the full spectrum of reasoning behind consumer behavior.

Strategic Planning & Consulting

With solid research findings, GRM can provide strategic recommendations for implementing the most effective ways for improving the customer experience across key areas. All efforts are made towards making customers happy, increasing purchases, and elevating brand loyalty.