Working with GRM

GRM is accepting solicitations from professionals with experience conducting in-person market research or in the related fields of person-to-person sales and high-end promotions. If you feel that you’re ready to join our team, please submit your qualifications using the form below. You may wish to view our privacy statement before submitting your information. Once you’ve provided your information, it will be reviewed by our management team and we’ll contact you if we feel that there is a good fit.

GRM is a National Market Research Company specializing in the travel industry. Since 1998, our team has conducted research on behalf of airlines, airports, government agencies, and travel-related companies. GRM has ongoing studies in airports throughout the U.S. Our contractors are awarded projects based on their experience, availability and ability to complete assignments efficiently under deadlines. Our ideal candidates possess great charisma and have strong organizational skills to thrive in a professional, productivity-based environment.

Please complete the form below to send your information to our management team. If your qualifications match our needs, we will contact you to discuss our opportunities further.

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